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INMOTION Unveiled Its Ultimate Hill-Climbing Electric Unicycle

Fiona Publish Date: June 08,2023

INMOTION, a well-recognized brand in the e-mobility sector, will unveil its new electric unicycle, V12 high torque version next month. This time, INMOTION has given the safety and riding experience a dramatic overhaul, this brand-new wheel will dramatically change the game.

The V12 high torque version is made to traverse off-road terrain with its extremely powerful hill-climbing ability, 10-inch, air-filled, pneumatic tires, allowing for a top speed of over 37mph and smart battery management system to guarantee your safety to the maximum extent.

Thanks to the 2800 watts in the motor, 188Nm torque, and 1750 wh battery, the V12 High Torque version can conquer up to 45% incline with ease. Also, it adopted the enhanced drive board with an optimized PCB layout and much more durable MOS. The max. power output has been increased by 23%. Just enjoy the smoothest, safest, and most comfortable ride ever.

With a 1750Wh battery capacity, V12 can provide an extremely impressive range of up to 99 miles on a single charge. You'll never be feeling range anxiety on this wheel.

This amazing V12 HT is equipped with the smart Battery Management System (BMS), which can minimize faults guaranteeing the battery is safe and protected.

One thing that needs to mention is V12 is hermetically sealed which provides IP54-rated protection against harsh environments such as rainy and snowy weather.

Besides, the V12 comes with a smart app, it also gives you access to a number of customization options at just a tap... Make the experience truly your own.

"INMOTION is always looking for creative ways to excite our riders and provide an exhilarating adventure", INMOTION CEO Bob Yan said in a statement.

Should you be interested, the V12 will launch soon on Amazon priced at $2499. For more information, feel free to visit:  https://inmotionworld.com/v12ht-electric-unicycle

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