59 miles
long range

front & rear
shock absorption

hill grade

1000W peak
motor power

30 km/h
max speed

10" tubeless
pneumatic tires

3 riding

waterproof rating

Double the Range,
Double the Fun

Equipped with 675Wh lithium batteries, S1 is able to power
the motor and boast batteries with truly massive capacity,
supplying an unbeatable range of up to 59 miles on a single
charge, this is 40% longer than similar scooters in the
high-end commuter class.



long range



of battery capacity

Dual Shock Absorption System

The suspension is as good as you can expect. With both
front and rear wheel suspension, S1 will mitigate the impact
with small bumps, the ride comfort and quality you get is

Easily Conquer 30% Slopes

Propelled by a 500w brushless motor and rear-wheel drive, S1
delivers fast acceleration and a strong throttle to take on up to
30% grade slopes, inclines and any terrains with ease.

Safeguard Your Ride, Day and Night

S1 has high-mounted, ultra-bright front LED
headlights, which fully illuminate the road ahead
even where there is no street lighting.

Smart Turn Signals & Brake Light

S1 also has a side-mounted turn signals as well as a
small rear brake light mouted on the rear fender as a
warning to pedestrians and other vehicles on the road.

10-inch Tubeless Pneumatic Tires

The tubeless pneumatic tires on 10-inch rims pro-
vide a high degree of grip, comfort and durability.
Bump up and down curbs as you zip around the city
in fullcontrol of your ride.

Maximum Comfort & Stability
with a Wider Deck

The 180mm wide and 135mm long rubberized anti-slip deck
offers 20% wider foot space than comparable models. The extra
space brings you additional comfort, stability and balance with-
out compromising mobility.

Your Ride, Your Way

S1 has 3 different power modes for different
situations. You can easily switch between eco
mode, standard mode (D) and sports mode (S) by
double-pressing the power button.

SMART bms Made to Last Longer

Featuring the smart battery management system, you can rest assured that
the battery is being used safely and will last longer as this system will motor
the battery status with short circuit protection, discharging protection, tem-
perature protection and more.

discharge protection

charging protection

short circuit protection

temperature protection

overload protection

electric-shock protection


IPX7 waterproof rating


INMOTION app make your ride truly smart, you can
lock the INMOTION electric scooter with peace of
mind, customize your speed, and monitor your ride
statistics in a few simple steps.

smart unlock

firmware update


ride stats

See It All at an Glance

With the advanced LCD control panel, all important
information is displayed at once and clearly visible.
You can change between scooter ride modes, keep
track of battery level and speed, and even view your
turn signal status! The INMOTION electric scooters
human interface makes city commuting safer.

S1 Specifications

  • DimensionsFold: 1264*541*512 mm / 49.8*21.3*21.2 inch
  • Length x Width x HeightUnfold: 1264*1219.5*512 mm / 49.8* 48.0*21.2 inch
  • WeightNet: 24 kg / 52.9 lbs Payload: 140 kg / 308.6 lbs
  • Max. Speed18.6 mph
  • Typical Range56 miles
  • Max. Slope30%
  • IP RatingIP55
  • Capacity675 Wh
  • Charging Time7h
  • Typical Power500 W
  • Max. Power1000 W
  • Riding ModesEco-friendly Mode, Standard Mode, Sport Mode
  • Shock AbsorberFront and Rear