What Is Zero Offset Calibration of INMOTION Unicycle?

Fiona   |   Published Time: 04/27/2022 10:15

For electric unicycle, the zero offset calibration is a very important step before riding the vehicle; it resets the zero offset value for the built-in chip in the motherboard. In the post, we will have a brief introduction about what is zero offset of INMOTION unicycle and how to calibrate it.

Part 1: Zero Offset

The zero offset is to keep the pedal horizontal when your INMOTION electric unicycle is stationary by adjusting the zero offset value at equilibrium.

Principle: When the vehicle is in production and assembly, the slight deviation of the mainboard installation and the shift of the center of the vehicle gravity will cause the vehicle body to tilt slightly at equilibrium (as shown in the figure 1). We compensate for this deviation by changing the zero point of the built-in chip to bring the vehicle back to a level.

Part 2: Body Calibration

The body calibration is to solve the instability of bowing or looking up when riding the curve by correcting the built-in chip when your INMOTION monowheel is in still.

Principle: The chip exists an inherent zero offset, which will result in inaccurate calculation of the motherboard. Especially, when you make a turn in the corner, it will lead to slight drifting in the angle. We need to recalibrate the chip output signal to solve this drift when the gesture chip is at rest and keep the vehicle vertical (the following figure 2 recommended).

(Figure 2, Body Calibration of INMOTION Unicycle)

Special Note: After calibrating the offset in this stationary state, your INMOTION one wheel unicycle will clear the body zero setting, so it is necessary to re-adjust the "zero offset", as what we said in the Part 1.

The zero offset can be affected by many factors to some extent, so make sure you have calibrated it before you ride your unicycle. Don't forget to have a safe travel when driving your unicycle INMOTION e-scooter.

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