The Maintenance Methods of Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle INMOTION V5

Fiona   |   Published Time: 02/24/2022 13:59

INMOTION V5 is a high-tech travel and commuting device. However, it is no replacement of the current existing means of transportation. When you use INMOTION V5 as a means of transportation for short-distance travel, in order to make it a longer life, You have the responsibility and obligation to read and learn the Maintenance for INMOTION V5.


Improper storage shortens the life of built-in lithium batteries or causes other hidden dangers. Please keep the self balancing electric unicycle in a dry room at suitable temperature and humidity. If it is not used for a long time, please fully charge its battery at room temperature and at least once every month later.

2.Air Inflation , Inner and Outer Tire Replacement

If the tire pressure is insufficient, please conduct air inflation in time. The factory tire pressure of INMOTION V5 is 2.8 Bar by default. If the tire of INMOTION V5 needs to be replaced due to tire burst or other reasons, contact the dealer authorized by INMOTION or the after-sales service department of INMOTION for maintenance.

3.Pedal Tightness Adjustment

Riders will feel uncomfortable if the pedals of self balancing electric unicycle become loose, and will even fall under severe condition. If the pedals are loose, please use a M10 Allen driver and a M6 Allen driver respectively to tighten the screws on the axis and on the side edge of the axis. Please develop a habit of checking all parts of the INMOTION V5 before using.

4.Precautions for Cleaning

Before cleaning the self balancing electric unicycle, shut down the body, pull up the charging wire, and close the charging port. During cleaning, make sure that water does not flow into the battery-charging port.

Use a soft cloth dipped with soapy water or clean water to scrub the outer cover of the self balancing electric unicycle. Do not use high-pressure water jet to flush the INMOTION V5.

The waterproof and dustproof level of the INMOTION V5 is IP55, which means splash-proof and dustproof. Therefore, it is not allowed to dip the electric self balancing unicycle in water, which may cause permanent damage to the V5.

Thank you for choosing INMOTION and trusting us. For any questions, contact us, and we are always ready to be at your service.

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