Maintenance of Electric Unicycle Battery

Fiona   |   Published Time: 04/27/2022 09:30

An electric unicycle is mainly composed of its hull, its wheel, its engine, its gyroscopic system and its battery. It is a vehicle like any other, and therefore requires regular maintenance. Here are some tips on how to maintain the electric unicycle battery, in order to maximize the battery life and run time.

Things to do

So that the battery can last as long as possible, there are different points to respect. It’s like phones and cameras, you have to do the right things and have the right reflexes.

First, always use the specified charger for your electric unicycle battery; otherwise it might be very hazardous, possibly leading to fire or explosion.

Second, during the first three charges, always do it 100% and leave only a few percent before the total recharge. It is an exercise for the battery to become familiar with its optimal capacity.

Third, have the habit of charging at a regular interval without waiting for the battery to be dry. For example, using the unicycle daily, you will know the average battery life. You can set up a schedule, such as recharging it in the evening every other day.

Fourth, always 100% charged, never half! That’s why you have to recharge it in the evening. And also have the reflex to stop charging once the threshold is reached and do not leave the device too long on tension.

Finally, charge your electric unicycle Samsung battery or other battery in a cool dry location. It may not cause a fire, but a hot battery or charger may cause a malfunction. Still, remove the battery and store it in a dry environment if you don’t use your electric unicycle board for a long period of time. Remember to keep it fully charged and recharge it every three months.

These are easy and useful tips to follow, so that your battery can have a longer life. Never empty the battery up to 0 and always charge at a specific time.

To change the battery

Most models use a lithium battery. If the maintenance is well followed, the battery of the electric unicycle can take years. And when the fateful moment arrives, we must first see the model and references. Normally, it is marked on the device, otherwise look on the instructions for use.

Buy the same brand if possible to avoid any inconvenience. On the battery there should therefore be the mark, the unit of the electric charge (2200mAh for most), the voltage and the dimensions. To change the battery, open the shell in the part that contains the battery. Then disconnect the two plugs connecting the battery to the unicycle. Replace the battery, and put back the plugs and the shell and it’s over.

Be careful, even if no discharge comes from the battery; avoid having it changed by a child. And do not forget to turn off the device before opening the hull.

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