The INMOTION App for iOS Is Released

2014-05-20 12:05:00Tags: inmotion inmotion app shareTo: facebook twitter google+ linkedin

INMOTION app for iOS is released today, and it can be downloaded from our website. The old version in App Store has not updated yet, so please download the latest version of INMOTION app here, and tell us what you think about the app.

To Install INMOTION.ipa through iTunes:

1.  Connect your iPhone/iPad to iTunes; (we suggest you to upgrade iTunes to the latest version.)

2.  Click iPhone and go to the Apps page.

3.  Double click “INMOTION.ipa” and it will appears on the Apps page. Click Install to continue.

4.  Click Apply to finish.

To connect your Smartphone to the INMOTION SCV:
1.  Open Settings—Wi-Fi, find a hotspot named “INMOTION- xxxxxxxx” (the numbers are different from other SCVs, and you can check it on the SmartKey), join the hotspot and enter the initial password “INMOTION123”.
2.  Open the INMOTION app, and a Wi-Fi signal has came up on the LED-Info, which indicates the INMOTION SCV has connected to your Smartphone (please note that your Smartphone cannot connect to the Internet now.

3.  In the INMOTION app, the default interface is to show the operational state of the INMOTION SCV. On the top of the screen, slide down the pull-down menu and enjoy your INMOTION app!