The Important Notice on Battery Maintenance

2014-06-25 12:06:00Tags: inmotion battery shareTo: facebook twitter google+ linkedin

To ensure the safety of our customers and the INMOTION SCV, you need to read this notice carefully and make sure that you follow the safety instructions when using the INMOTION Battery.

1. INMOTION Battery has to be charged regularly (every 3 weeks) to keep it in good condition.

2. If the indicating LED on the charging adapter shines red and green constantly during charging, it means the Battery is severely over discharged. The charging procedure has to be stopped immediately and the Battery has to be obsoleted. You may risk unexpected danger if you continue to charge or use the Battery.

3. After done all proper operations, if the SCV can still not be powered on without the changing cord attached, it means there might be a problem with the Battery, please contact INMOTION for solutions.

4. If the SCV gives a Battery error warning after power on, please contact INMOTION for solutions.