Safe Riding Instructions

INMOTION SCV is not only an intelligent and convenient vehicle, but also entertaining. Ride safely to enjoy the convenience and pleasure of the INMOTION SCV.

Reminder—even if you follow the instructions in this User Manual strictly, once the INMOTION SCV is on public roads or property, you may still risk injury from other people’s bad riding behaviors. Be careful when riding the INMOTION on public property.

Rules That You Must Follow

Read the User Manual and watch the Safety Videos carefully (you can download them from our website). Be familiar with the contents and follow the safety instructions.

Be familiar with and obey all local laws and regulations, and only ride your INMOTION SCV in places that riding SCV’s is allowed.

Do not use the INMOTION SCV if you are under the influence of alcohol, banned substances or prescription medications.

Wear a helmet, and elbow and knee pads when riding your INMOTION SCV.

Wear proper clothing. Do not wear sharp jewelry or high heels to avoid damage or injury.

The INMOTION SCV’s payload range is between 25 Kg and 100 Kg. Do not attempt to ride if you are beyond this weight range.

Always make sure the battery is fully charged before riding. If not, do not ride it further than 5 Km (3 miles).

Make sure the Quick Release Lock is locked, the Turning Shaft and the Handlebar are installed properly, and the screws are properly tight before riding.

Make sure the INMOTION SCV body is solid and intact before riding, and that there are no abnormal noises while riding.

Adjust the Turning Shaft to an appropriate height.

Be aware of the traffic or objects ahead of you, and keep a clear view.

Wear glasses or contact lens if needed for driving.

Stay alert while riding and keep a safe distance from other people and transportation vehicles.

Actions You Must Avoid

Do not use the INMOTION SCV in areas that are forbidden, according to local laws or regulations.

Do not ride the INMOTION SCV on roads. Some government authorities forbid use of Sensor Controlled Vehicles on public roads and sidewalks. Consult local authorities to become familiar with applicable laws and regulations before riding.

Do not modify the components of the INMOTION SCV or ride a modified SCV. Modifying an INMOTION will affect its performance and can cause damage.

Do not ride the INMOTION SCV on slippery roads or in bad weather conditions, such as heavy rain, heavy snow, or ice.

Do not ride the INMOTION SCV on uneven roads that are full of sticks, trash or stones.

Do not ride the INMOTION SCV in dangerous environment, such as road with pits and cracks, steep slopes that are steeper than 15°, water deeper than 3 cm and so on.

Do not ride the INMOTION SCV in unsafe places where flammable gas, steam, liquid or dust may cause fire or explosion.

The INMOTION SCV cannot be ridden by two or more people at the same time.

Do not ride the INMOTION SCV on roads unless you are familiar with the operations.

Children under 14 should not ride the INMOTION SCV alone.

Pregnant women, heavy drinkers, medicating patients, cardiac patients, the children who are under 6, the disables and elders who are over 60 should not ride the INMOTION SCV.

Do not ride the INMOTION SCV with both hands off the Turning Shaft. Do not press your body on the Handlebar.

Do not move your foot off the Footboard Mat while riding the INMOTION SCV. If the rider gets off the vehicle improperly, the wheels will spin for about 2 seconds, which is not a failure but a protection.

Do not force restart the INMOTION SCV when it shuts off automatically or when the battery ran out, or it will cause falls because of losing balance.

Do not ride backwards either slow or fast for a long distance. Do not turn when you ride backwards. Do not go down or upstairs or spring off the ground with the INMOTION SCV.

Do not ride crosswise on steep slopes.

Do not make or answer phone calls, listen to music, eat or drink while riding. Even checking battery information on the SmartKey or Info LED may distract you.

Do not break any other rules in the User Manual. Pay special attention to the content in the WARNING or NOTE column.

Safety Alerts

Before letting others ride your INMOTION SCV make sure that they have watched the Safety Videos and read this User Manual carefully.

When riding the INMOTION SCV, please wear a good quality, well-fitting helmet. Wear protective gear, such as wrist and knee guards, and waist and eye protection, if riding conditions are dangerous.

Always ride the INMOTION SCV in a well-lit area. Be cautious and ride slowly if the lighting is not sufficient. Mount an external LED light, if necessary.

You are 23 cm (9 inches) taller when riding the INMOTION SCV. Be careful with obstacles above you, such as door frames, branches, and signs.

Be observant of your surroundings. Slow down when you are near other people, especially children, and let them pass first.

Keep a safe distance from other SCV riders. Ride inline rather than side by side.

Control your riding speed and make sure that you are able to stop at any time.

Remain relaxed, with slightly bent elbows and knees, and look straight forward while riding.

Do not ride the INMOTION SCV backward unless you are trying to avoid obstacles in front of you.

Do not strongly pull the Handlebar forward and backward, or change your body position drastically. This can cause injury or damage.

Always leave a small gap between yourself and the Handlebar. Do not lean against the Handlebar or the Turning Shaft as this may cause you to fall.

Please step off of the INMOTION SCV and charge the Battery Pack when the INMOTION SCV has a low battery.

Do not park the INMOTION SCV in places where traffic will be blocked.

Do not rest anything on the Footboard Mat while riding the INMOTION.

Stay where you are and call for the police if you are in a traffic accident.

If you need to carry something on your ride, use the INMOTION Front Bag as a backpack. If attached to the Handlebar, the total load cannot be over 5 Kg (11 lbs).

Make sure the INMOTION SCV is powered off before transporting it. Use auxiliary parts to transport your INMOTION if necessary. Do not lift the INMOTION SCV from the sides of the Tires to avoid fingers being stuck between the case and the Tires.

Clean and perform routine maintenance on your INMOTION SCV regularly.