Maintenance Tips for Utilization

There are certain environmental temperature requirements for the utilization and storage of your INMOTION SCV, for this reason, please carry out the operations according to the following instructions:

1.  If the environment temperature is below 0°C, you should not charge the INMOTION SCV. You can place the INMOTION SCV into the warm environment(10°C~35°C) and then charge it;

2.  If you hear the alarm during the driving in cold environment, you should place your INMOTION SCV into a warm environment and keep it warm for at least 30 minutes to conduct the next driving;

3.  For your security, please be careful throughout the driving when you are enjoying the pleasure of your INMOTION SCV;

4.  The storage of the INMOTION SCV should be in secure environment. The storage temperature should be within the range of -10℃~35℃;

5.  Please fully charge your INMOTION SCV before the storage to avoid the excessive discharge which is caused by the long period of nonuse;

6.  If the storage period of the INMOTION SCV is over a month, you should remove the battery for separate storage and fully charge the INMOTION SCV battery at least every 3 months;
Please clean your INMOTION SCV before the storage and you can also cover it up to avoid dirt retention which might cause impact on the performance.


The INMOTION SCV is designed to be lifted easily. Lift it from the Turning Shaft or the Grip.

Lifting your INMOTION SCV by the Turning Shaft

Lift your INMOTION SCV using the Rubber Handle on the Turning Shaft.

Lifting your INMOTION SCV by the Metal Grip

Lift your INMOTION SCV using the Metal Grip when you need to carry it for long distances, or are carrying it without the Turning Shaft attached.

Cleaning Your INMOTION SCV

Clean your INMOTION SCV:

1. Make sure the INMOTION SCV is unplugged and powered off

2. Make sure the Charging Port Cover is closed before cleaning

3. Gently clean your INMOTION SCV with soap, water and a soft cloth

4. Don’t allow water to get into the Charging Port.


Store your INMOTION SCV indoors, in a place that is free of moisture, humidity, and extreme temperatures. To maximize the performance of your INMOTION SCV Battery Pack, fully charge your Battery Pack before storage, and while in storage fully charge it every three months.

Maintaining Your INMOTION SCV

1. Check the Tires and Wheels periodically to see if they have become loose. If the Tires are loose, check the sockets and tighten them. Check the bottom of the Tires to see if they are badly or unevenly worn. If they are, please contact us to replace them.

2. Check the Handlebar periodically. Tilt the Handlebar fully left and then right. If it is loose, check the sockets and tighten them.

3. Check the Quick Release Lock periodically. Tighten it if it is loose.

4. Check that the ABS Shell is in good shape. Replace any part that is broken. Please contact Customer Care if you need further maintenance or replacements.