Maintain Tips of the Battery Pack

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battery pack maintenance tips

Battery Safety


Do not use the Battery Pack if the casing is broken, emits an unusual odor or is excessively warm or leaks any substance.
Follow the instructions for charging and storage, otherwise the Battery Pack could fully discharge over time, causing permanent damage.
Charging time for the INMOTION SCV is about 3.5 hours. The charger will power off automatically after the Battery Pack is fully charged.
Battery Packs can be charged about 500 times. The battery life is drastically reduced after this period and over extended periods of time.
The INMOTION SCV Battery Pack should be charged for at least 4 hours before the first use.
The Battery charges most efficiently when it is close to the center of the recommended charging temperature range of +10℃~+30℃ (50° to 86°F).
It is normal for the Battery Pack to become hot after long periods of use.
Riding in cold temperatures will reduce battery life.
Comply with all local, federal and individual country laws when disposing of and transporting the INMOTION SCV Battery Pack.


Avoid contact with any substance seeping from the Battery Pack.
For the best performance, please charge the Battery Pack in an environment temperature of +10 ℃ ~ +30 ℃ (50° to 86°F)
Keep Battery Pack out of reach of children and pets. Exposure to Battery voltage could result in injury.
The cells within the Battery Pack contain toxic substances. Do not attempt to open Battery Pack. Do not insert any object into the Battery Pack or use any device to pry at the Battery Pack casing. If you insert an object into any of the Battery Pack ports or openings you could suffer electric shock, injury, burns, or cause a fire.
Only charge the Battery Pack using approved charging adapters.
Use a grounded AC outlet and a charging cord that is in compliance with local standards.
Keep the Charger, Charge Port, Power Cord and AC outlet clean and dry.
Do not insert the plug if the Charge Port, Power Cord or AC Power outlet is wet.
Do not heat up the Battery Pack or throw it into a fire. Do not use the Battery Pack in high temperatures.
Keep the Battery Pack in a cool, dry place when storing.
Do not put any conductive object into the Charge Port. It may damage electronic devices inside the INMOTION SCV.
Do not attempt to open the Battery Pack. There are no user serviceable parts inside.

Specifications for the Battery Pack

Battery typeLithium-ion Battery①③④ These data are measured with a battery capacity of 4 Ah.
The voltage here refers to lithium battery voltage when the capacity is moderate.
The Battery may not be charged when the temperature is below 0°.
Charging Time3.5 Hours
Voltage72 V
Capacity4 Ah
Battery Pack Weight2.5 ± 0.1 Kg
Dimensions (W * D * H)225*147*82 mm
Operating Temperature Range-10 ~ 50
Charging Temperature Range5 ~ 45
Storage Temperature Range-20 ~ 50

Charging the INMOTION SCV

To maximize the performance of your INMOTION SCV Battery Pack, fully charge your Battery Pack for 3.5 hours, and charge it once a month or every 2 days after riding. Charge the Battery Pack only when it is within the specified charging temperature range.

Failure to charge the Battery Pack properly could result in permanent damage. If the Battery Pack is excessively discharged, it could also cause serious damage.

Be sure to use the original charger for INMOTION charging.
Please carefully read the Safety Notes before you use the Battery Pack.

Charging Procedures

To charge the Battery Pack:

1. Open the Charge Port of your INMOTION SCV. Verify that the Charge Port is dry.
2. Plug one end of the Power Cord into the Charge Port of your INMOTION SCV with the INMOTION LOGO on the charger facing up. Plug the other end of the Power Cord into an AC outlet (100 V~ 240 V; 50 Hz or 60 Hz).
3. Verify that the Charge Indicator lights are red, which indicates the INMOTION SCV is charging. When charging completes (indicator lights turn green), unplug the charger from the electrical outlet.

Charging Indicator

The Info LED shows the current Battery life. The Battery gauge blinks to indicate the Battery Pack is charging (for example, the fourth bar is flashing when the current Battery amount is at 3 bars.).

Replacing the Battery Pack

The INMOTION SCV Battery Pack can be used about 500 times, depending on which type of Battery Pack you use. After subsequently, the Battery capacity will reduce to 80%. Replace the Battery Pack to ensure the best performance of the INMOTION SCV. Back-up Battery Packs can be purchased from Authorized INMOTION Dealers and Distributors.
The Battery Pack is designed to be replaced easily, and can be charged separately.

To replace the Battery Pack:

1. Make sure the INMOTION SCV is unplugged and powered off.
2. Lean the INMOTION SCV body forward and hold it steady with one hand, while pulling the Battery Pack out from the Battery Slot with the other hand. Do not pull too hard in case the Battery Pack falls on the ground.
3. Keep your Battery Pack in a dry place and out of the reach of children. You can still charge the Battery Pack after removing it from the Battery Slot.
4. Insert the Battery Pack into the Battery Slot until you hear a click. Pull gently to see if it is loose. When the Battery Pack is seated properly, press the Reset Button to power on the INMOTION SCV.

Transporting Battery Pack

When transporting your INMOTION SCV, protect the Battery Pack to avoid damage during shipment. Do not expose the Battery Pack to direct heat or moisture, and avoid heavy vibration during transportation.
Do not use or transport a Battery Pack if the casing has broken open.

Lithium-ion Battery Packs are considered Hazardous Materials under shipping regulations. Comply with all local, federal and individual country laws when transporting the INMOTION SCV Battery Pack.

The shipping methods for Lithium-ion Battery Packs are as follows:

Battery Pack InstalledAllowedAllowedCertificates Needed*
Battery Pack Not InstalledCertificates Needed*
* If you need certificates for transportation, please contact INMOTION at

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