Learn More About the INMOTION App

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Download the INMOTION App from our website, Apple App Store for iOS devices, or Google Play for Android devices. (The INMOTION App may not be officially available when you purchase the product, it will sooner come to you region).

Use the App to:

  • Show the operational state of the INMOTION SCV, and information including speed, mileage, and battery life

  • Set vehicle parameters including Wi-Fi, GPS, and Speed limit

  • Query the Event Log

  • Upgrade the INMOTION SCV firmware

  • Customize Voice Prompts for the INMOTION SCV

  • Receive and execute simple orders by remote control

  • Request maintenance service and receive immediate response to your request

  • Read help documents on your App for more information on what the App can do


  • Certain functions are limited to specific models. For details, please refer to the App help document.

  • Some functions may not be available in an early version of the INMOTION App.