INMOTION Showcase New Product at IFA2014

INMOTION showcase the most popular personal transporter at IFA 2014-INMOTION SCV R1EX-the lightest self-balancing vehicle designed for urban commute. Unlike other vehicles, the INMOTION R1EX is a local emission-free vehicle for city mobility.

INMOTION revealled their new product, an electric unicycle, S1 (which is an unofficial name) at IFA 2014. The electric unicycle applies the latest innovations in self-balancing technology and details still remain veiled. It is portable, easy to carry and has many user-friendly new features. Based on advanced technology, just like R1EX, INMOTION S1 can stand still without any support.

Since the launch of INMOTION R1EX at IFA 2013, it has been a big hit among consumers. Unlike other personal transporter with big wheels (like Segway), the INMOTION SCV is advanced and is with a lot of cool features: sleek new design, stylish led lights, removable battery, SmartKey with a display screen, Apps for smart phones and it talks. INMOTION R1EX is the absolute the lightest self balancing vehicle on the market. The INMOTION R1EX will run around 10 mph, will go 12- 18 miles on a full charge, weighs astonishingly 35 lbs, and has a brilliant and compact design that is a perfect fit into the car trunk.

Since the INMOTION R1EX began to offer test-drive service, INMOTION booth in Hall 26C is crowded with exhibition visitors. Many tech enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts are very interested in INMOTION R1EX. “I’ve tried a Segway before, steady but hard to cross the path, but INMOTION is a different product,” a visitor said so after a test drive on INMOTION R1EX, “its small wheels allows me to swerve smoothly through the crowd.” Now, the attendees can still find INMOTION R1EX and S1, the electric unicycle, at Booth #603-604 in Hall 26C.

INMOTION is a leading company specialized in robotics and sensor controlled vehicle (SCV) technologies. INMOTION always strives for the improvement of user experience.

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