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On 28th May, the INMOTION SCV R1EX is showed on Culture Geek, a TV program hosted by Anthony Morel, aiming to reveal the latest trends and tips that will change tomorrow’s world and people’s lives.

Particularly quiet, with lights positions that serve as brake lights or flashing lights, it takes no more space than a pedestrian, can move at 15 km/h and has a range of 30 km, after 3 hour charge on a standard wall socket. Lighter (only 15 kg) than other competitors Segway type, it is also much cheaper, around 2300 euros. Its handling is fast and outstanding maneuverability. It may be accompanied by a smartphone application to help its configuration. The manufacturer also offers a whole bunch of accessories such as brackets to slide the tablet or smartphone or the GoPro camera.

Watch the Culture Geek video here:

Culture Geek: Le Gyropode: la trottinette électrique du futur – 28/05