INMOTION SCV Press Conference (China) Ended With a Great Success

August 8, 2013, INMOTION SCV Press Conference (China) was held in Shenzhen, China.

On the new product press conference, INMOTION Technologies launched INMOTION SCV R1. INMOTION SCV applies the latest dynamic self-balancing technology and FOC technology with the assistance of gyroscopes and accelerometers to sense the rider's body movements while driving, and uses servo control systems to precisely drive the motors to keep it always balanced. To turn, the rider presses the handlebar to the left or the right. ''SCV'' is an abbreviation for ''sensor controlled vehicle''.

Except for its cutting-edge super sport car streamline design, the INMOTION SCV R1 has lots of functions that are beyond your imagination: home surveillance, motion platform, orders executing, mobile application… All the fun is in your hands. Its easy-dismount design allows you to put it in your trunk. Weighing in at of 35lbs (16 kg), it is designed for urban commuting and touring.

Text driving and dinner party were held in Sheraton Hotel by the sea. With the laughers and applause, INMOTION SCV Press Conference (China) ended with a great success. Over 200 guests, distributors and 4S stores attended the new product press conference.