INMOTION Named One of the 50 Most Innovative Companies in China

INMOTION has been named one of the 50 most innovative companies in China by the well-known business magazine Fast Company. Among all Chinese companies listed this year, INMOTION is the only personal transporter and robot company in China featured on Fast Company’s list this year.


INMOTION SCV’s feature is beyond the concept of personal transporter,” Vic Zhou, CEO of INMOITON, considered it as a remote-controlled smart terminal, which can regular patrol our home and tell us what’s happening in our house through its mobile application.

In his mind, INMOTION SCV will evolve from a self-balancing vehicle to a ground mobile robot. And robots, that’s what Vic Zhou and his team was doing before. They’ve built industrial robots as early as 2007, when they were still in the university.

“Robots can better serve for us when they ‘learned’ to perceive. For example, with automatic navigation function, it knows where it is and is able to receive orders, anywhere in the house.” Vic Zhou also points out 60% of walking in the office is about to deliver or get something, and INMOTION tries to save the time and let robots do it for them. Such technology has a range of applications, especially in vast store houses.

Perception is definitely a prerequisite for intelligent robots, and the basis lies in how to change the man-machine interactive way. “They just live in our lives without acknowledgment.” That’s how Vic Zhou pictured our future with robots.

Fast Company’s ranking is based on how a product or service can radically remake an industry, change consumer habits, challenge economic assumptions. As the world's leading progressive business media, Fast Company magazine focused on innovation in technology and ethical economics.

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