INMOTION Launches New Products in Shenzhen

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23th October, 2014, INMOTION, the leading company in self-balancing vehicle industry, launched new products, the electric unicycle V3. Officials and Executives from INMOTION, distributors from all over the country and dozens of INMOTION riders attended the conference to celebrate the official announcement of INOMOTION new products.

What's New

The new electric unicycle, V3, will run around 18km/h, will go 30~35 km on a full charge, weighs 13.5 kg, has a BLE Bluetooth function and full app function. The INMOTION V3 just needs 2 hours to have a full charge and its weight limit is 120 kg. Now the INMOTION V3 is available in 5 colors: blue, yellow, green, silver and red.


Vic Zhou, the CEO of INMOTION, is introducing the INMOTION solowheel V3.

But INMOTION V3 is more than that. INMOTION V3, which has an innovative design that provides easy ride and smooth running experience. The advanced self-balancing technology powered by INMOTION sets a new standard that ensures safe riding and consistent reliability. The bi-wheel design, drop-shaped design, the extensible rod, comfortable cushions and Hi-Fi Bluetooth speakers make INMOTION V3 a better and more comfortable electric unicycle. Now the INMOTION V3 is not yet on the market, but it’ll be available later this year.


5 colors of INMOTION.

"We're truly sorry for our late launching of our new products. We own our users and partners an apology. But we insist on spending a whole year honing our products to make them the best on the market. That’s our promise, and that’s how we maintain our market position.” said Vic Zhou, CEO of INMOTION.

A nice show from our INMOTION coach. INMOTION also announced the establishment of INMOTION Club all over the world. INMOTION clubs from all over the world sent their regards through the videos and received rounds of warm applause. After eight months’ travelling, 5 members of INMOTION Global Tour team have finally come back to China and showed themselves on the conference. INMOTION also put on a photography show for them.

Members of INMOTION Global Tour team.

The photography show outside the conference.