INMOTION Charger Adapter Change Notice

2014-10-09 02:10:02Tags: inmotion charger adapter shareTo: facebook twitter google+ linkedin

Dear Customers,

INMOTION recently has found a circuit design bug in the old INMOTION Charger Adapter that may cause the INMOTION Battery not charging (about 5% chance).

INMOTION here initiates a changing program for all charger adapters shipped before 1st June 2014. INMOTION will delivery new charger adapters to our business partners and all INMOTION partners are required to offer replacements to INMOTION users who are holding the old charger adapters. The old adapters are not mandatorily required to be recycled but all INMOTION users should no longer use the old adapters and shall dispose the adapters properly.

All INMOTION users who bought their INMOTION SCV before 30th June 2014 have the right to claim replacements from their dealers only.

This changing program is subject to INMOTION SCV product INMOTION R1EX only.

This program will be valid until 31st November 2014.

INMOTION reserves the right of final interpretation of this notice.

INMOTION International Business Division