Huawei and INMOTION Start A Strategic Cooperation on Personal Transportation IoT

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As the progress of 5G era accelerates, the Internet of Everything will be truly realized, and capital giants in various industries are expanding in full swing to find partners. In October 2014, Huawei had already held hands with Dongfeng Motor and launched cross-border cooperation in the areas of smart cars, IT/ICT informatization, etc. Today, in the field of short-distance personal transportation, Huawei consumer business chooses INMOTION as its preferred strategic partner.


Innovative strength; the founding team of INMOTION is composed of those who were the first in China to carry out independent research and development of self-balancing vehicle technology. After merger and acquisition of SOLOWHEEL, the leading self-balancing vehicle company in the US, in 2017, INMOTION owned up to 70% core patents of the self-balancing vehicle in the world and has almost no ceiling in the field of the self-balancing vehicle. 

Management system; the self-balancing vehicle is still a booming industry. INMOTION is one of the rare companies in the industry integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service capabilities.

Geographical advantages; the headquarters of both companies are located in Shenzhen. This provides a powerful guarantee for rapid response and effective communication.

Scope of Cooperation

According to public information, Huawei and INMOTION will cooperate in areas such as smart travel big data, operating systems, and artificial intelligence, while sharing channels and conducting joint marketing. In addition, to achieve seamless connection between Huawei mobile phones and INMOTION products, both sides open a channel between the INMOTION APP and Huawei HiLink to achieve rapid control of thing to thing.

Short Distance personal transportation will Soon Usher in a Blowout Development

With the rise of sharing bicycles in 2016-17, the people across the country have been accustomed to riding in a short distance. However, as the sharing bicycles enter a wave of bankruptcy, traditional mechanical vehicles cannot meet the travel needs that have already been generated. New private or sharing vehicles are extremely urgent. In addition, the country has increased the maximum speed from20km/h to 25km/h and the motor power from 240W to 400W in the “Compulsory National Standard for Electric Vehicles”. This good news all indicate that short-distance smart travel will usher in a growth spurt.

Blueprint of Huawei

Traffic jams in large cities in China are already irreversible. In the future, a single vehicle is doomed to fail to meet the needs of complex urban roads. Huawei also clearly understands that if they only exert efforts in the field of smart cars, it will not be enough to support differentiated competition in the future.  INMOTION is exactly the puzzle that is most important in urban travel. It is necessary to know that the proportion of daily trips within 5 kilometers of urban population is as high as 70%. This strategic cooperation between Huawei and INMOTION in “Self-balancing vehicle + smart car + mobile phone”seems to indicate that a new mode of travel is coming.


INMOTION is a global leading brand of short-distance personal transportation, the main drafting unit of national standards for self-balancing vehicles and the director member of the Chinese Self-Balancing Vehicle Patent League. It owned up to 70% core patents of global self-balancing vehicles. In 2017, it merged and acquiredSolowheel - the American self-balancing vehicle leader. In the domestic market of high-end unicycles and micro-electric vehicles, INMOTION has the largest share. Its products have been sold to more than 50 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, France, and Germany, and are deeply welcomed by global riders.

About Huawei

Huawei is the world's leading provider of information and communication technology (ICT) solutions. The consumer business is one of three major businesses in Huawei. Its products cover mobile phones, mobile broadband, and home terminal services. Global smartphone shipments ranked third in 2015, and mobile broadband terminals ranked first in terms of global shipments for several consecutive years. Based on Huawei’s more than 20 years of deep-seated experience in the communications industry, Huawei consumer business provides consumers with easy-to-use, ultimate product experiences and services through innovative solutions.