3 Hot New Gadgets from IFA 2014

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Every year, IFA – the world’s leading CE show, provides perspectives on the newest consumer electronics technologies, game-changing trends and the latest insights on market development. Now we thought it would be a good idea to look back on the gadgets that made the show for us this year.


Drone Fighter is a mini size quad-copter with combat ability. It’s designed by a Korea company, BYROBOT. It’s as small as your palm, easy to operate, smart, fun, and stylish. With Absolute Control System and Trim Control System, Drone Fighter allows you to move it in all directions: up and down, left and right, and experience enhanced flying performance as you practice.

2. Jarre AeroSkull HD

Jarre AeroSkull HD is a stylish bluetooth speaker designed for your iPhone. The eye catching appearance is designed by Jean Michel Jarre, synthesiser enthusiast and he of Oxygene fame, with 11 different colors, including purple, red, silver and blue. It comes boxed with a 3.5mm jack cable to hook up other devices. The Aeroskull comes with an IR remote control and weighs 4.5kg.


INMOTION R1EX is compact and agile. It weighs only 16 kg, and its compact size allows you to navigate through a bustling crowd with precision. INMOTION R1EX goes at 9 mph and covers 12- 18 miles on a full charge. It is a perfect fit in your car trunk to extend your driving pleasure to miles beyond.

INMOTION S1 is the latest electric unicycle designed by INMOTION, which is announced at IFA 2014. INMOTION S1 has an innovative design that provides easy ride and smooth running experience. With the touch panel, colorful design, and Bluetooth-enabled stereo audio, INMOTION S1 is about to offer enhanced riding experience for tech enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts. Details of INMOTION S1 still remain veiled and it will come to market in late 2014.