200 Days, 150 Cities and 50,000 Miles

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Travel itinerary.

On 21st February, the launching ceremony of INMOTION global tour is held in Shenzhen. The INMOTION SCV is about to travel over 150 cities all over the world to advocate low-carbon commuting with a caravan driven by 5 members.

The global tour will last for 200 days and INMOTION SCV will be driven across 38 countries of Asia and Europe. It is the very first time that INMOTON SCV travels through dozens of world heritage sites and hundreds of famous historical cities as a transportation vehicle.

The aim of this global tour is to combine the green technology with world heritage sites and raise environmental awareness among the general public. The members will collect the CO2 data during their travels and assess the carbon footprint of it to promote low-carbon commuting.

The five members of INMOTION global tour.