Maintenance Tips for Your Self-Balancing Hoverboard

Self-balancing hoverboards have gained a lot of popularity lately, and even celebrities are making use of them. In the same way that you take care of other machines like cars or motorcycles, you have to be sure that you know how to take care of your smart hoverboard before using it.

In this way, you must make sure that your hoverboard is being treated and maintained in a proper way, which means that it will be in good condition to operate and thus reduce the chances of an accident and prolong the life of it. Here we will put forward 3 important maintenance tips for your self-balancing hoverboard.


1. Charge before use

If you use the hoverboard without making a first charge, you can probably damage it. You may think that you do not have to charge your electric hoverboard if it is new, but experts warn that this is necessary, since the battery may be running out since it was packed and sent to the store or your home, so it is imperative to charge before the first ride.

One thing you should keep in mind about batteries is that you should not store your hoverboard in places where there are high temperatures or put it in areas that are subject to high temperatures. It is also not recommended to charge the battery for a long time, as there may be an overcharge; both can reduce the life of the battery itself.

2. Check tires and screws regularly

These pieces can be loosened by the repeated use of the hoverboard self-balancing scooter, since as you ride it frequently, the screws can loosen. If you detect the problem in advance, it will be easy to solve, because you only need to tighten them; however, if you do not regularly check that, it can be a big problem and you could be injured.

In the same way, you should check the tires and the axles of the wheels in case they are detached, disassembled or deflated, since you could also have an accident.

One way you can check for loose parts is to shake the hoverboard slightly, if so, the screws will be heard or dropped and the wheel will move. If you do, you should squeeze everything until you do not notice any kind of movement.

3. Check the internal cables

If your self-balancing hoverboard does not work, one of the most common reasons is simply that a cable was released inside. This is usually due to a factory defect, so it depends what you can do little about the problem to avoid it.

If you have basic electrical skills, then it probably is not so difficult or complicated for you and maybe you can fix it for yourself. Just make sure you have the right tools for the job.

However, if you have never done any type of electrical work before, it will be better to leave the problem to a professional.

Safe hoverboards are always popular at the market and most manufacturers are attempting to make its hoverboards safer such as Inmotion Hoverboard D2. However, as an owner, you should also know how to maintain your self-balancing scooter to make sure a safe ride every time.

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