Top Tips for Riding Electric Skateboard Safely

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It's good you finally chose your electric skateboard. You may have already ordered it. Now we must make every effort to skate safely with your electric skateboard. Here are some useful tips for riding electric skateboard that can, in many cases, save the day, because always keep in mind that people are safe from a bad fall.

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Do not forget that riding an electric skateboard is no less dangerous than riding a bike or a scooter. That's the reason why wearing a helmet is strongly recommended here. Personally I never ride my cool electric skateboard without a helmet and it would never happen to me to lend my electric skateboard without the helmet that goes with it. There is nothing more dangerous than a bad fall on the head, so if there is an accessory to never forget with electric skateboard: it is indeed the helmet for skateboarding. The most dangerous thing is when you think you're invincible because you've been doing electric skateboarding for years and nothing could happen to us. Know that no one is safe from a pothole, a child who crosses the road without looking or a dog that passes 50cm from the electric board, I know what I’m talking about because I saw this happened several days ago(I do not tell you how I freaked!).


Also keep in mind that a brake problem can always happen. Imagine at 40km/h and without brakes ... I can tell you that the slightest obstacle may put you in a dangerous situation. The worst is that this kind of problem is not as rare as we think. You should always make sure you have full batteries in your electric skateboard remote! It is also possible that the brakes do not respond in case of radio interference, remember that the remote control of your electric skateboard is wireless. If the brakes can simply be disconnected, it is more likely to happen on an electric skateboard.

But what if the brakes do not respond? Here it's up to you to judge the situation; it's actually case by case. If there are no obstacles on the horizon then simply stop accelerating and wait until the electric skateboard stops itself. On the other hand, if an obstacle comes to cut you the road then there ... To skip electric skate? Trying to slalom? You, and you alone will be the most apt to know what to do when the time comes. In any case hopefully you will have a helmet and kneepads.

Remote Control

Another source of falling is the improper handling of the remote control. We all want to skate like an athlete from the first day of this wireless electric skateboard; however it is much wiser to go gradually, because remotes of electric skates are particularly sensitive, it does not need more than a small blow on the trigger to be destabilized. So take the time to get used to remote controls and gauge the power of your electric skateboard. Good news is that INMOTION Skateboard K1 is no remote controller needed, you may have a try.

But know that once you master the power of his electric skate: it's only happiness! Strong sensations guaranteed!


As you can imagine, electric skateboard speed is without a doubt the biggest cause of accidents while gliding. Certainly, it is not much use to have an electric skateboarding if it is to ride as a granny, but always think to gauge your speed, especially depending on the environment in which you skate. A hole or a bump in the bitumen is still something quite common; an animal that passes through the road is not uncommon either. Always be attentive and always be one step ahead. Zero risk does not exist, but being attentive will save you in most cases. Always keep in mind that you are not alone on the road.

Keep in mind that dangerous driving can not only hurt you badly, but you can also put other people's lives at risk. By definition, an electric motor does not make noise, so do not forget that other users do not hear you arrive!

Practice Makes Perfect

It is particularly dangerous to skate for the first time in a place where there is passage, so do not hesitate to test your electric skateboard in a vacant lot, or in the evening on an empty car park. Not only will it save you from paying a car or bumping into a passer-by, it will also help you enjoy your skateboarding freely.

So you can quietly test the power of your engine, practice how to ride your latest electric skateboard, such as to accelerate, brake, and slalom. Remember that practice makes perfect, and follow all these rules discussed above before you take the time to practice.

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