Maintenance Tips For Folding Electric Bike

Inmotion P1F is a new technology folding electric bike, It's has a safety brake system, strong power battery and perfect APP function. Small size, light weight, appearance consistent with the principles of ergonomics, easy to operate.

How to check electric bike brake? Are folding electric bikes waterproof? Can I ride it in the rain and mud? How can I clean it safely afterwards? when you considering buy e bike, This is a series of questions you might ask.

Here are 5 tips on Maintenance for Inmotion P1F folding e bike.


1. Storage

• Please keep the E-bike out of direct sun (even it is in trunk of your car), because after some time, the temperature of the aftercarriage and battery will reach 50, which will decrease the function and shorten the lifespan.

• Please do not place INMOTION P1F in moisture condition.

• It will automatically discharge when the INMOTION folding electric bike is not in use. The battery power should bechecked at least every 3 month, and should be timely charged until it is full.Please do not keep it for long time, as it will cause invocatable loss (such as deep discharge of the battery) due to the battery without power.

• In winter, the battery will lose power faster due to the low temperature.

• Unreasonable storage will lead to the life loss of the battery in the folding electric bike or other risks, therefore, please keep the INMOTION P1F indoor in a dry place with proper humiture. If the folding e bike is not used for long time, please fully charge it and charge it at least one time every month.

• Please fully charge e bike folding mini electric bike if you do not use it for long time.

2. Clean

• Before cleaning, please make sure the E-bike powers off, pull up the cable, and close the charging port. When cleaning, please notice not to make water in the port.

• Please use soapy water or clean water to wipe the shell of INMOTION folding e bike with soft cloth. Please DO NOT use high pressure water gun to wash it.

• Water and dust proof grade if INMOTION E-bike is IP54, namely, it is spilling and dust proof.Therefore, please do not soak the INMOTION E-bike in water, as it will lead to permanent damage.

3. Treatment

Please do not treat the battery and power device as general wastes. You have made great contribution to the environmental protection undertaking through riding E-bike, so in order to further avoid unnecessary pollution:

• Please deal with your folding electric bike and all related components (battery) through the authorized treatment facilities.

• Please obey the latest user guide. Any questions, please consult our dealers or contact INMOTION after-sales department.

4. Inflation & Exchange Inner and Outer Tires

Once there is insufficient air pressure, or there are different air pressures of the two tires, please timely inflate until both have the same air pressure. Factory default tire pressure of INMOTION E-bike is 2.8Bar of the front wheel, and 2.5Bar the rear.

If the tire needs to exchange due to tire burst or other reasons, please contact authorized agencies or after-sales department (Also you can repair it in a bicycle maintenance shop)

5. Brake Maintenance

1) Insert the elbow to the brake, and fix it on the screw of the frame. According to the: direction of Left Loose and Right Tight, please lightly turn left to make the brake a little loose.

2) Then clench the brake with one of your hands, in order to make the rear brake close to the brake pad. Keep clenching.

3) Right press the brake with the elbow until fix and tighten the brake. Then loose the folding electric bike brake, the brake returns automatically. It is not abrasive once the brake pad is correctly fixed.


For more other details, you can contact us any time. We’ll reply you as soon as possiable.

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