Useful Tips for Maintenance of Inmotion Smart Vehicles

If you find this post, I am so happy that you might have own an Inmotion smart vehicle or you just want to buy one of Inmotion self-balancing electric vehicles. No matter it is an Inmotion scooter, Inmotion electric unicycle or Inmotion SCV (sensor controlled vehicle); you'd like to take good care of it. Here, we will give you some useful tips for the maintenance of Inmotion smart vehicles.

inmotion smart vehicles

1. Storage

① Avoid putting Inmotion smart vehicles in the direct sunlight (even if in your car trunk), or high temperature may cause damage to the battery, or even a security incident.

② Avoid storing Inmotion electric scooter in the humid environment.

③ When not in use, the battery will be self-discharged. So you should monitor the battery power at least once a month, and timely charge it to ensure that the battery is fully charged, in order to avoid the irreparable damage due to the prolonged storage of the battery without electricity (such as the battery falls into a depth discharge state or causes an accident). In the winter, the battery may lose power faster because of the low temperature.

④ The unreasonable storage may lead to a shortened lifespan of battery or other hidden danger, please store the vehicle in the dry room with suitable temperature and humidity.

⑤ Please fully charge your Inmotion smart vehicle before long-term storage.

2. Inflation and replacement of inner and outer tires

If the air pressure of the tire is insufficient, or if the pressure of the two tires is not the same (such as Inmotion electric unicycle V3), please inflate the tires in time to ensure that the pressure of both tires is the same. The default tire pressure of Inmotion unicycle is 3.0Bar.

If Inmotion monowheel has tire punctured or other reasons that need to replace the tires, please contact our authorized dealers or sales department for maintenance and the telephone number is 4000-1000-12.

3. Adjustment of the pedal tightness

If the pedals of Inmotion one wheel scooter are loose, please tighten the screws timely. Before riding your scooter, please check the every part of it and keep it as a good habit.

4. Cleaning

① Make sure your Inmotion electric vehicle is shut down before cleaning. Unplug the charging line and close the charging port. In the cleaning process, be careful not to let the water flow into the charging port.

② You can use soapy water or clean water and soft cloth to wipe the car shell. No water cannons are allowed to use.

③ Do not immerse the electric vehicle in the water, or it will lead to permanent damage to the vehicle.

The above are just some helpful tips for Inmotion riders to maintain their self-balancing smart vehicles. Only when you look after your personal transporter well, can you enjoy it better. If you have other questions about Inmotion self-balancing electric vehicle, please feel free to contact us. Hope Inmotion smart vehicles make your travel life much easier and more convenient.

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