INMOTION L8/ L8F Electric Scooter Battery And Charger

INMOTION L8 is a cool, highly efficient and economical personal travel tool. With its stylish and futuristic appearance, superb shock mitigation design and powerful lithium battery, L8 is created to give you a wonderful riding experience.

Here are some tips about battery and charger.

Firstly, Various battery parameters are described in the table below:




Battery type

Lithium batteries

Lithium batteries

Rated voltage

36 V

36 V

Charging voltage

42 V

42 V




Battery weight

Approx. 1.2 kg

Approx. 1.7 kg


L*W*H: 330*81*45 mm

L*W*H: 330*81*45 mm

Working temperature



Charging temperature

5℃~ 45℃

5℃~ 45℃

Storage temperature




1. The voltage here refers to the voltage with moderate capacity of a lithium battery

2. L8 is configured with 4.4Ah batteries, L8F is configured with 8.7Ah batteries

Charging Method

step 1: The position of the charging port is at the front of L8, Open the Charging cover, and make sure that the Charging interface is dry.

step 2: Insert the charging port to the charging interface on the L8.

step 3: When the indicator of the charger is on in red color, it means it is charging; when the indicator turns to green from red, it means that the battery is fully charged. Stop charging at this time, as long time of charging will affect the service life of the batteries.


Safety Prompt for Charging

1. Please charge the batteries every three month or after driving each time in order to extend the service life of the batteries to the maximum extent. Please charge in the suitable temperature environment.

2. Failure to charge on time may lead to battery damages. As time goes by, the battery electric quantity will be gradually used up which will finally lead to over-discharging.

3. Please use the battery, charger and cable supplied by the original manufacturers so as to avoid over-discharging risk.

4. Please ensure that the charger uses the designated cable and with correct connection.

5. Please ensure a well-ventilated environment.

6. Please ensure that it is used in a dry environment. Never allow the charger or cable to contact with water, as this may cause an electric shock. Do not touch with wet hands, and in process of charging, immediately pull out the power plug in occurrence of any failure.

7. Please make sure to pull out by the plug, do not pull out plug by the cable.

8. Please do not allow the charger or cable to contact sharp or hot object.

9. Make regular visual inspection of the charger and charger cable.

10. In case of any obvious damages found with the charger or cable, do not use the charger to

avoid further impairment but instead contact for replacement.

11. Please do not repair the batteries, charger or cable by oneself, but instead, contact us for service in case of any problems.

Protection against Over-discharging

The INMOTION E-scooter system has a built-in smart over-discharging protection system which will actively cut off the power when the scooter is in locking state or shutdown state and the electric quantity is too low. The scooter in an over-discharging protection state need to be awakened via charging, if the scooter remains un-awakened after half hour's charging, please contact the authorized dealer of the INMOTION Company or the INMOTION after-sale department.

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