How to Avoid Hoverboard Battery Fire

If you have thought of buying an electric hoverboard (or electric scooter or self-balancing scooter or any of the other names) and you have investigated a little about them, you have probably seen a page where they warned about the supposed dangerousness of the hoverboard battery they use.

It is true, in part. While some of the manufacturers use low quality batteries in their scooters that can certainly have an accident more easily than other manufacturers who use other good quality, so we recommend buying high quality hoverboard from reliable well-known manufacturers such as Inmotion, etc.

This does not mean that it is impossible for a fault to occur, because sometimes it is not the fault of the battery being better or worse, but of the use and of how the user has treated it. In this article, we will give several precautions and measures that you can adopt to avoid hoverboard battery fire and extend the hoverboard battery life.

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1. Return the low quality hoverboard

First of all, if you receive the hoverboard, you intuit that the battery does not meet the quality necessary to guarantee your safety, do not hesitate to return it to the manufacturer, as far as possible use the original hoverboard battery charger that comes with your scooter.

2. Do's and don'ts when charging

Another important point is to never neglect the self-balancing hoverboard while it is charging. Of course, do not leave it plugged while you were sleeping. Try not to charge it after the battery level is zero; the ideal thing is to charge it when the battery is approximately 20%. It is also advisable to charge it in a surface where there are no flammable objects. Never let it get too hot and disconnect it as soon as you see that the hoverboard is fully charged. And obviously, if unfortunately, you start seeing smoke or smell burning while you’re using it, get off immediately.

3. Check the battery cables to avoid short circuit

If you ever open the scooter, check that the battery cables are in good condition to avoid short circuit; you may want to cover them with electrical tape if the manufacturer has not put any protection.

4. Avoid crashes and steps

You also have to keep in mind that electric hoverboards are not designed to withstand many blows and abuse, so avoid crashes and lower steps to extend the life of your self-balancing scooter.

5. Store it in a cool and dry area

And finally, if you go on a trip, as a precaution, the ideal is to remove the battery from the hoverboard and store it in a suitable cool and dry place. If you decided to take the hoverboard with you, you should bear in mind that some airlines do not accept them because of the problem that a bad battery could cause during the journey, so inform yourself before traveling about the conditions of the airlines you are going to use.

As we may know, hoverboard battery price differs on the market, so the battery quality can also be different. If we use low quality battery, it may cause hoverboard battery explosion. But if we misuse the hoverboard and treat the battery wrongly, some potential accidents also exist. So, try to take the precautions and tips mentioned above, you will have a safe and pleasant riding experience.

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