Inmotion P1F: 4 Things You Need to Know

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P1F is a mini electric bicycle that is designed and produced by Inmotion Technologies Co., Ltd. It is easy to learn and ride by the beginners. The foldable design makes your commute convenient and easy to carry with you. And you don't have to wary about the parking problem, which thus saves you a lot of time to look for a parking lot.

As you ride your Inmotion P1F, you will find a lot of advantages of this fantastic foldable e-bike. When you get more familiar with this vehicle, you will know more features of it. But do you really know it. Here are four things you need to know about Inmotion P1F.

inmotion p1f

How to unlock the maximum speed of Inmotion P1F (30km/h)?

When the total mileage of Inmotion P1F exceeds 10km, you can unlock the speed limit, and then the maximum protection speed can be adjusted to 30km/h. Power on your folding e-bike, then switch on your smartphone’s Bluetooth and enter the APP-Vehicle interface. Click the “Connect Vehicle” and when the car is successfully connected, slide the page to the left and reach the second page, and now you adjust the speed up to the maximum. Your maximum speed can only be 20km/h before unlocking.

What is cruise control of Inmotion e-bike P1F? How to use it?

Cruise control is a system that keeps the current speed to go automatically. Generally, this function is turned off by default for any new vehicle. So, how to open this feature? You need to enter the Innotion APP- "Vehicle" interface, click "Connect Vehicle";. When it is successfully connected, slide the page to the left to reach the second page, you can see the cruise control function, choose to open. As long as you keep the throttle motionless for 5-8 seconds, it will automatically enter the cruise control mode, and maintain the current speed driving. When you want to exit this mode, just turn the handle or press the brake.

Inmotion P1F can be locked through APP?

Yes, Inmotion APP has such function for the folding electric bike, but we don’t suggest you to rely on it. Although other people cannot ride P1F after you locked it via the APP (The Inmotion smart vehicle cannot start in the locked state), anyone can still push the P1F as long as the power supply is cut off. In addition, Inmotion e-bike P1F is relatively lightweight, and it is easy to be pushed away or carry away. So, we recommend you to prepare a mechanical lock for P1F.

What is the right tire pressure for Inmotion P1F?

The front tire pressure from the factory is 3.0bar, 2.5bar for rear wheel, for reference only.

Inmotion P1F is APP supported, so you need to download an Inmotion APP in order to know more about your e-bicycle. You can make friends on the App, set your bike and record your mileage and so on.

Come to our official website to know more about Inmotion P1F or contact our sales to get more information about this wonderful electric bike.

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