Top Customer Questions About the Adult Kick Scooter

Inmotion electric adult kick scooter is a cool, highly efficient and economical personal travel tool. with its stylish and funturistic appearance, superb shock mitigation design and powerful lithium battery, It is created to give you a wonderful riding experience.

Sometimes, you may across some problems when you ride it. Here some questions about the electric kick scooter.

1) How easy is it to use the adult kick bike?

The short answer is “incredibly easy”. In our testing, most new riders, without any previous experience, are able to just jump-on and ride away.

2) Is the Scooter Water Resistant?

INMOTION L8/L8F designed to be used in light/medium rain, IP ratings up to IP65. but not deep puddles or unusually severe weather.

3) What is the maximum supported weight?

The early version of the L8/L8F had a weight limit of 100 kg, but the version that we sell has improved structural support for up to 120 kg payload best kick scooter for adults.

4) What is the realistic cruising speed & range?

Maximum kick scooter speed is set to 25 km. Range is largely dependent on the Rider’s weight & the terrain. For example, if a 75 kg individual is riding on a smooth paved surface, then the L8F should be able to achieve about 30 km.

5) How does “Cruise-control” work?

with adult kick scooter for sale most other scooters you have to constantly pulse the power button to achieve an unsteady average cruising speed. On the L6, once you attain a desired speed, simply press a button & the scooter will maintain that kick scooter speed effortlessly.

6) How long does it take to charge?

Charging time is directly related to how long you use it. As a general rule, the time to charge is about twice as long as ride time. For example, if you ride the L8F for 1 hour, then it will take up to two hours to top-up the battery. If you do manage to use 100% of the battery, then it’s about 4-5 hours from empty.

7) Is there a Warranty? How does this work?

The warranty periods of different scooter parts are shown in the following table:


We also stock a supply of spare parts that can be acquired for normal consumables like the tires & suspension springs.

8) How to Fold Up

First, open the folding quick spanner, then forward nudge handlebar, press the folding button, as far as possible with the second step at the same time, walking down the folding handlebar until a click sound, folding can be completed.

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