Dual Wheel Electric Unicycle Suit for Beginners

As a beginner, I rode an Inmotion V3 to learn how to drive an electric unicycle. The dual wheel electric unicycle is self-balanced, so I can easily to get on, lean forwards and backwards, turn around, etc. For me, it is safe and easy to learn.  -- A Inmotion consumer said.


If you are a beginner or have never ridden a electric unicycle (EUCs) before, you can try to ride it on 2 wheel. People for whom the learning curve of single-wheeled EUCs is too steep to be acceptable at this point in time. It seems also useful for demonstration purposes in events promoting EUCs.


Whilst the feel of different electric unicycle mini scooter two wheels self balancing can be quite different the self balancing algorithms are not, in themselves, usually an issue. The other issues to consider are:


Power - anything less than 500W sustained really isn't enough for safety


Battery - obviously high quality cells but also anything less than two sets of cells in parallel really cannot deliver the current safely that means the capacity needs to be over 200Wh as anything less is bound to be a single set of 15 or 16 cells.


BMS - Battery Management System. Some, including some well known brands haven’t BMS apparently , they can suddenly, and without warning, shut down. This’s irresponsible.


Speed - in reality most find 25-30kph is about the max before the desire for self preservation kicks in.


As to which wheels are best to learn on? 1 wheel or 2 wheel electric unicycle? I think wheel number is more of an issue than brand, Certainly people going from one brand to another will find things they like much better or hate when comparing wheels but a beginner will not notice what are quite subtle differences (softer or firmer peddles, tighter turning circles or less/more easily grounded peddles, better/ worst acceleration , etc. )

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