5 Reasons to Buy Electric Scooter

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The electric scooters are conquering the streets and are, therefore, particularly popular because they are considered to be environmentally friendly. In many countries, electric scooters have been an everyday means of transportation in metropolitan areas for years.

The optical scooters are hardly distinguishable from gasoline-powered scooters. Numerous manufacturers, including many unknown names, offer the right mobile pedestal for every requirement. However, the sound makes a big difference: the chattering engine is over. A quiet surging electric motor with similar acceleration values provides propulsion.

What makes electrically powered scooters so attractive? There are even more reasons for using the e-scooters. Here are summarized five of these reasons to buy electric scooter.

buy electric scooter

1. Saving your travel time and budget

The electric scooter is the new ally of city dwellers. You no longer fear traffic jams or parking problems. No need to wait for the metro or the bus, your electric scooter guarantees a real autonomy and a reduction of your travel time.

By using electric scooter such as Inmotion L8 in your travels, the expenses related to the trips by car or public transport are lesser: by car you need to count $9.92 of petrol costs on average to make 100 km against $0.12 of charging charges for the same distance with your electric scooter.

2. Environmental-friendly means of transportation

Especially in cities, where parking lots are scarce and the air is particularly polluted by exhaust gases, electric scooters make an environmentally friendly contribution in terms of mobility. On average, a car emits 164.2 grams of CO2 per kilometer traveled. An electric scooter does not emit CO2 and consumes very little electricity. On the other hand, the e-scooter is extremely quiet and almost invisible even while driving. This increases the ride quality and reduces the impact on others.

For people who have a commute that is not more than 50 kilometers, it is worth the purchase. The range of the electric scooter is with a fully charged battery between 50 and 100 kilometers - and rising. If you want to play it safe, take the scooter charger to work and charge the battery on site.

3. Favorable operating costs of electric scooter

If you were previously unsure whether the electric scooter is really the right choice, then the argument of the operating costs for the decision for an e-scooter could speak. A normal scooter is equipped with a classic internal combustion engine, which has a high consumption. The e-scooter, however, runs completely with electricity. On a distance of 100 km, about 2kWh are needed. This equates to costs of around $0.58 per 100 km. Due to the missing engine also not many wearing parts are available. Only the tires have to be replaced from time to time. However, this does not entail unexpectedly high costs.

4. Significantly less maintenance necessary

In principle, you can compare the maintenance of an e-scooter with a bike. From time to time you can see if the chain is still in place and the pedals are tight. Much more effort is not necessary with an e-scooter. Check the function of the battery and the wheels regularly. Generally, however, the scooter has little individual, built-in parts and thus the wear is generally very low. High workshop costs do not apply and therefore do not have to be included.

5. Great fun and enjoyment

The driving pleasure is certainly not too short for electric scooters. This is already ensured by the powerful engine. The different versions of the scooters are fun. From retro design to futuristic everything is available. Every buyer will find a favorite scooter, whether buy kids electric scooter or buy electric scooter for adults themselves.

You can buy electric scooter online or offline wherever you like, it doesn't matter. You don't have to buy cheap electric scooters, but high quality ones. Brands such as Inmotion, Ninebot and Swagtron may be unfamiliar to most customers who seek information before making a purchase, but these manufacturers should be included in the decision. Choice, quality and design speak for these brands.

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