7 Things to Consider Before Buying Electric Skateboard

You are determined to buy electric skateboard, but you don’t know which one to choose! Don’t panic! The article here may help you choose your ideal electric skateboard, and make sure not to regret your purchase. You are ready? Let’s go!

Before you buy electric skateboard online or in the store, it is advisable to inquire something and not to buy it blindly. There are 7 points to consider when buying an electric skateboard: performance, price, battery, weight, the engine(s) and type of remote control, spare parts or technical support. Now I will explain all of these points in detail so that the purchase of electric skateboard has no more secrets for you.


1. Performance

The performance of an electric longboard is radically different depending on the brand and model chosen; it’s a bit like everything else. Before buying a motorized skateboard, it should be noted that performance is undoubtedly the most important point to check. Some elements are also quite difficult to compare from one electric skateboard to another, such as wheels and bearings.

When buying an electric skateboard, it is advisable to choose a model with quality wheels, to have the most sensations as possible using his electric skateboard like Inmotion K1. Remember to compare bearings, because if you buy a model where the bearings are not quality then comfort will be felt unfortunately.

2. Price

When you want to compare several electric skateboards, then compare what is comparable, so do not hesitate to look in the slightest detail. Be curious, watchful and especially read the descriptions. Do not hesitate to buy a model made with parts of brands; it is actually the certainty of having a good quality product. Do not neglect the quality of the wheels and bearings, even if you do not pay the price! Also tell yourself that if you buy a quality electric skateboard, you will have less chance of having problems after a few uses. Otherwise, you will come to know that buy cheap electric skateboard unfortunately often means a poor quality skateboard.

3. Battery

If there is one element that costs expensive on an electric longboard, it is indeed its battery. Generally, manufacturers looking to cut prices do so at the expense of a quality battery. So please take the time to look at the features of the battery before you throw your eyes closed on a model of cheap motorized skateboarding. The battery life is even more important if you plan to do long distance with your electric skateboard, as do not fall out of battery in the middle of your trip.

4. Weight

That’s the kind of thing we do not necessarily think about looking at, and yet God knows if the weight of an electric skateboard is important. It is necessary to know that if the electric skateboard is heavy, it will inevitably consume more because it will have to draw more on the engine and thus on the battery. In addition, I can tell you that dragging a heavy electric skateboard in the hand is anything but fatigue! So buying a light electric skateboard has a double advantage, not only will it consume less, but also it will be easier to carry by hand when you want to move or in case of failure.

5. Engine(s)

The key to a good electric skateboard is its engine, and a better engine will possibly be more powerful. It is necessary to look at all costs and not just the power of the engine when you buy one wheel electric skateboard or multi wheels. You might know that 2 engines are better than one. Because 2 motors = 4 driving wheels! So if you plan to cross-country with your electric skateboard, I can tell you 2-wheel drive and more probably will not be too many!

6. Remote control

The choice of the remote control should mainly be decided by your preference. But be aware that it is easier and more comfortable to control your skateboard with a remote control equipped with a trigger at the index finger, not a remote only controllable with the thumb.

7. Spare parts or technical support

Most electric skateboards are sturdy and have little chance of breaking down. But prevention is better than cure, is not it? This is why it should be checked that spare parts are actually available for sale in case of breakdown. However, the best is to buy a branded electric skateboard such as Inmotion E-Skateboard K1 with a professional after-sale service and technical support that will be able to support you in case of failure. It is also worth looking at what is being done at the level of guarantees, because always bear in mind that a manufacturer who offers a long guarantee is generally a guarantee of quality.

Whether you buy skateboard online or offline, the 7 things mentioned above you should take into consideration before your purchase. Hope it will be useful to help you choose an electric skateboard that suits you best.

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