5 Best Cheap Electric Skateboards 2018

The skateboard, as the name suggests, is a machine composed of a wooden board and wheels that allow sliding. Electric skateboards have the same shape as conventional skateboards except they have an electric motor that allows easier mobility. However, these gadgets are much more expensive.

As long as you are here, you probably know these notions. If it’s the high cost that bothers you, you’re in the right place. Cheap electric skateboards do exist!

For more information, do not hesitate to visit this detailed guide to consider before buying cheap electric skateboard. Here we will select 5 cheap electric skateboards available on the Amazon, but still have good quality to keep you safe.

1. Swagboard NG-1 ($200)

As one of the super cheap electric skateboards, the Swagboard NG-1 features a wooden platform and slip-resistant straps for comfortable and safe handling. Its battery can travel up to 16km. The longboard flashes when the battery is low. It can reach 18 km/h, perfect for short trips.

Swagboard NG-1

2. FOLLOW UP Cruiser ($293)

Follow up Cruiser Skateboard is another very cheap electric skateboard on the Amazon. The Follow up Cruiser allows you to drive at 15km/h for a range of 10km. It has a Sumsung battery, weighs 4.5 kg and the seller offers 2 years warranty.


3. Evo Spirit Slr ($318)

At around $300, Evo offers a lightweight electric skateboard (3.7kg only), compact and very handy. With a powerful engine (EIM technology), the cheap electric skateboard kit is specially designed for a slim person (less than 50kg). The 3.6V/2.2Ah lithium battery allows you to reach a range of about 10kms.

Evo Spirit Slr

4. SK1 BEEPER ROAD ($338)

Another one of really cheap electric skateboards is the SK1 BEEPER Electric Skateboard, which costs $338. For such a low price, it offers acceptable options (a speed of 18km/h and a range of 10kms). If you are in a hurry, the delivery is fast and in addition the seller offers a guarantee of 2 years.


5. INMOTION K1 ($299)

Inmotion proposes an electric skateboard at around $400, without a very handy remote control and will offer you a flexible and fun driving. It is slower than other skateboards, rolls at 13km/h maximum and has a range of 10kms.


Each of the brands mentioned above offers skateboards for larger budgets; if you want to invest more, do not hesitate. However, when you have a limited budget, the cheap electric skateboards above will perfectly meet your needs.

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